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    Evolution of Empathy in Non-Human Animals

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  • Caroline Driscoll

    About Me

    I am currently a doctoral candidate in the biology department at the University of Louisville. I received my master's in biology from Winthrop University in 2017 and have previously worked as a wildlife rehabilitation intern, a veterinary assistant at an emergency animal hospital, taught introduction to biology as an adjunct professor and have studied both American flamingos and African elephants in captive environments.


    I have always had a passion for other animals and a profound interest in empathy. How could a seemingly other-oriented characteristic evolve and persist? Under my PI, Dr. Lee Dugatkin, my current research is focused on investigating the evolution of empathy in non-human. My experiments have examined the motivations behind helping behavior in rats, whether the introduction of a cost tempers the empathetic response in rats, and the role of communication in rat helping behavior.


    If you are interested in discussing my research or empathy in nonhumans, please email me caroline.driscoll@louisville.edu

  • Publications

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    Helping behavior in rats

    Dugatkin, L. and Driscoll, C. 2021. Empathy in Nonhumans: A Brief Overview. Periodicum biologorum, 123(1-2): 1-5




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    Effects of feeding enrichment on captive African Elephant

    Loxodonta africana

    Driscoll, Caroline Marie, "The Behavioral Effects of Feeding Enrichment on a Zoo-Housed Herd of African Elephants (Loxodonta africana)" (2017). Graduate Theses. 71.




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    American Flamingo

    Phoenicopterus ruber ruber

    Hughes, A. L. and Driscoll C. 2014. Being in the Thick of Things: Context- Dependent Network Centrality in a Captive Flock of American Flamingos. Journal of Ethology 32: 83-90.


    Hughes, A. L., Cauthen, J. and Driscoll, C. 2014. Testing for behavioral lateralization in observational data: A Monte Carlo approach applied to neck-looping in American flamingos. The Wilson Journal of Ornithology, 126: 345-352


    Hughes A.L., Raynes A., Driscoll C., Babbler J. 2013. Behavioral Correlates of Post‐Breeding Weight Change in a Captive Flock of American Flamingos (Phoenicopterus ruber ruber). Zoo Biology 32: 204- 209.

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